Top conductors departing San Diego Opera and San Diego Symphony

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The top conductors of the San Diego Opera and the San Diego Symphony will be departing their respective organizations in the months to come.

Gloria Molina donates her papers to Huntington Library

With no room left on Mt. Rushmore, Gloria Molina has found another way to achieve lasting proximity to some of the Untied States’ greatest politicians: She capped her 23 years on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors by donating her papers to the Huntington Library, Art…

Roundup: Botched restoration, Nazca Lines damage, auction house turmoil

Environmental activists anger archaeologists and the Peruvian government, a botched restoration draws pilgrims in Spain, the struggle to preserve a woman-built artist-environment in Wisconsin, as well as an iconic brutalist architectural icon in New York. Plus: an interview with MOCA curator…

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Helen Molesworth, MOCA’s new chief curator, relishes the possibilities

On this dark, rainy afternoon, Museum of Contemporary Art chief curator Helen Molesworth is hunkered down inside her office, bundled up in the copious folds of a fuzzy, gray sweater — and she is making sausage.

Four political dramas that play around with form

The words “political drama” may evoke finger-pointing lectures to some, but the subtlest works of dramatic literature have a political dimension, and the most enduring political dramas have an artistic suppleness.

L.A. Philharmonic gets $20-million donation from GeoCities founder

A prominent Los Angeles tech entrepreneur and former board president of the L.A. Philharmonic announced Wednesday that he will give $20 million to the orchestra, half of it going to endow the top leadership position now held by Deborah Borda.

Why the Da Vinci fire has L.A. urbanists rethinking downtown’s future

It took more than 250 firefighters to put out the massive Monday-morning blaze that consumed at least half of the 526-unit Da Vinci apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles and temporarily shut down the 110 Freeway. No injuries were reported in the fire, and for that we should be relieved.

Warm spots in Pierre Huyghe’s often chilly Conceptualism at LACMA

The traveling 20-year retrospective of French Conceptual artist Pierre Huyghe turns the Los Angeles County Museum of Art into a mammoth vivarium — a carefully orchestrated, walk-in terrarium-cum-aquarium. The exhibition creates a self-contained ecosystem of plants, sculptures, video…