Why you need to see the Getty’s collection of video art from Latin America

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The video begins with the opening piano chords of Claude Debussy’s melancholic “Clair de Lune” as the viewer is taken inside the empty Peruvian Congress. The camera lingers on architectural details: the Classical columns, a weighty bronze bas relief, the brilliant colors of the stained glass ceiling….

Roundup: Palmyra ruins still stand, Instagram appropriations, destroying L.A.

It appears that Palmyra’s resplendent ancient structures are safe (for now). Also in the mix: The controversy regarding an artist’s appropriations from Instagram, a report on how women remain underrepresented in the visual arts plus the Cuban agency that regulates rap, why Daniel Clowes likes the…

Janelle Monae rocks MOCA gala honoring John Baldessari

The writing was on the wall — scrawled, repeatedly, in black ink and projected onto the sides of the tent: “I will not make any more boring art.”

‘An American in Paris’ gets screening, panel at Egyptian

The Broadway version of the Academy Award-winning musical “An American in Paris” is the toast of the Great White Way with 12 Tony nominations. And on May 31 at the Egyptian Theatre, the American Cinematheque and the Art Directors Guild Film Society are paying homage to the 1951 classic’s Oscar-winning…

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Dragonfly Shower Curtain

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Hugo Crosthwaite on Tijuana, Mexico’s missing, the power of comic books

Walk into the rear gallery at Luis De Jesus  in Culver City and it will appear as if a wall has exploded. Scattered about the floor are jagged pieces of images that together seem as if they would form a mural — and indeed, that is the idea. The fragments are part of a work by Mexican artist Hugo…

‘André & Dorine”s wordless power by Spain’s Kulunka Teatro

The traumas of aging and Alzheimer’s disease have been addressed in various mediums, but rarely with as much humor, accessibility and imagination as in “André & Dorine,” which arrives at  the Los Angeles Theatre Center in mesmerizing condition.

A low-key Facebook building? In Gehry’s hands, Zuckerberg has it both ways

There are a couple of ways to explain how Frank Gehry came to design a very large but surprisingly plain-spoken building for Facebook in Silicon Valley.

‘Tomorrowland’ tops slow Memorial Day weekend at box office

Disney’s “Tomorrowland” topped the box office over the Memorial Day weekend but fell short of expectations with an estimated four-day total of $41.7 million in the U.S. and Canada.