Devil horns and diva dresses fly off the rack at L.A. Opera costume sale

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At Burning Man, people wear a lot of weird stuff — ski goggles, fairy wings, neon body paint. But some of the festival-goers who journey to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert this summer may be sporting outfits with an even more bizarre origin: the Los Angeles Opera.

Gustavo Dudamel’s contract with L.A. Phil extended 3 years to 2022

If there was any risk that New York City would sing a siren’s song to Gustavo Dudamel, the Los Angeles Philharmonic appears to have sailed safely past.

Best Wine Sippy Cups EVER

*Best Wine Sippy Cups EVER* Yes, you totally DO need a wine sippy cup…every adult needs a sippy cup for their wine (or beer – they make ‘em for beer too!) See them all here:

Some strengths but no surprises in this ‘Tiger by the Tail’

A personals ad with a Florida state prison return address — what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, to the surprise of no one other than the gullible pen pal protagonist of “Tiger by the Tail” — and thereby hangs the tale in the first West Coast production of Frawley…

Björked: Jerry Saltz burns his MoMA press pass and more artsy discontent

There are pile-ons. And then there are pile-ons involving Spandex, face-paint and atomic knee drops. 

National World War II Museum gets $20-million gift

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans has received a gift of $20 million from Donald T. “Boysie” Bollinger, a shipping magnate and member of a prominent Louisiana family, leaders of the museum announced on Tuesday.

Ice Buckets? These are the BEST for your Home Bar!

Let’s talk ice buckets! Which are best for your home bar? Here’s our picks:

Exploring the intersection of music and dance

Dancing a Balanchine ballet is hard enough. Explaining Balanchine aesthetics to a lay audience should be even harder.

Santa Barbara’s ‘Botticelli, Titian and Beyond’ a quirky gem

Scotland is apparently in the midst of a cultural tourism push, with traveling exhibitions from its national museums in Edinburgh and civic museums in Glasgow visiting California. Both are old-fashioned “treasures” shows.

Enchanting ‘Cinderella’ brings happily-ever-after to Ahmanson

Everything changes in this world — values, culture, technology, fashion — but the power of Cinderella seems weirdly impervious to time.