‘Late Rembrandt,’ late nights at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

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For once, being late paid off.

Letterman bumpers get new life in gallery photo show

Nothing says David Letterman like a greasy, New York City pizza box strewn with leftover crust remnants and crushed beer cans.

Bursts of intensity within Kahlil Joseph’s quotidian landscape at MOCA

Nothing much happens in “m.A.A.d.,” Kahlil Joseph’s double-screen video installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Unexpectedly, its open-ended ordinariness is among the work’s primary advantages.

Jimmi Simpson goes ape for his ‘Trevor’ theater role

When Jimmi Simpson told his agent and manager that he was bowing out of TV pilot season in order to play a chimpanzee at a small theater in Atwater Village, they thought he was bananas. The actor, 39, had just come off a two-season run of the popular Netflix show “House of Cards,” on which he played…

Julia Wolfe’s ‘Anthracite Fields’ wins 2015 Pulitzer Prize in music

Julia Wolfe has won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in music for her folk-classical hybrid work “Anthracite Fields.”

For its 50th birthday, LACMA gets $675 million in gifts

At major museum galas, certain things are a given: billionaire art collectors socializing with local politicians, society women showing off couture gowns, air-kissing celebrities hopping tables with grace and alacrity.

Neeme Jarvi leads L.A. Phil through Brahms, Suk’s rhapsodic Fantasie

A wag once said that Neeme Järvi seemed intent upon recording the Schwann catalog, which at the time meant everything in sight.

Review: All-star piano trio leaves listeners with a royal flush

The piano trio is an ensemble well equipped for chamber music scrimmage. Unlike the cohesive string quartet, which tends to draw together like-minded and like-instrument players into long-lasting marriages, piano trios are seldom full-time enterprises. Instead, the most scintillating threesomes…

‘Never Givin’ Up’ recites MLK’s ‘Letter’ to call for justice

Anna Deavere Smith, whose documentary theater offerings have investigated the Rodney King riots (“Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992″) and the crisis in U.S. healthcare (“Let Me Down Easy”), among other societal flash points, has been hard at work on a new piece on the school-to-prison pipeline in poor…

LACMA’s missing Goya? It ended up in the hands of Imelda Marcos

With the L.A. County Museum of Art’s 50th anniversary going down this month, it seems like it’s been all LACMA, all the time, around here. One of the more curious stories that emerged in all of the reporting came from cultural critic William Poundstone, who writes the blog Los Angeles County Museum…