Nazi memorabilia auction in France canceled after criticism

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An auction of Nazi memorabilia, including items that belonged to Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering, has been called off in France following objections from Jewish groups and a prominent government official.

‘Become Ocean’ by John Luther Adams wins Pulitzer Prize for music

John Luther Adams won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for music for his composition “Become Ocean,” an orchestral work that premiered last year with the Seattle Symphony, which commissioned the piece.

Festival of Books: Artists’ Row enters the literary feast’s frame

Art aficionados planning to attend the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend will be able to watch artists create works live on the USC site as well as hear the many assembled writers.

“Wantrepreneurs” do all sorts of business crap, EXCEPT useful stuff.

Wantrepreneurs try to start businesses that are “OMG THIS IDEA IS SOO GOOD!!” … and never end up accomplishing anything. Entrepreneurs first validate ideas to see if the damn thing will work in the real world. Learn how to kill your inner wantrepreneur.

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‘Bullets Over Broadway’ musical by Woody Allen opens in New York

“Bullets Over Broadway,” the new musical by Woody Allen that he adapted from his own 1994 movie, opened Thursday at the St. James Theatre in New York amid lingering media speculation surrounding the writer-director’s personal life.

Review: The L.A. Phil’s Minimalism marathon

The Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella marathon is part of the orchestra’s Minimalist Jukebox Festival.

Minimalism, the musical version, has always been a numbers game. It began with extended tones, with beats added and subtracted to phrases at will and with simple rhythms played in and out of phase to create complex patterns.

Peter Brook at 89 keeps slipping into new suits

Retirement isn’t on the director’s calendar. He keeps working up projects, including ‘The Suit,’ which is paying a tour visit to UCLA.

Through nearly 70 years of acclaim as a theater, film and television director — most particularly as a theater director — Peter Brook has been called a magician many times.

Poignancy and quirkiness invigorate ‘Rest’ at South Coast Rep

Excellent writing, fine acting and a touch of neurosis add sparkle to the stark facts of life in an Idaho retirement home.

If the producers of the HBO series “Getting On” go to Costa Mesa to see Samuel D. Hunter’s “Rest,” the American theater might lose another talented playwright to television.

San Diego Opera receives $1-million gift from board member

Less than a week after it announced that it was postponing the deadline for its closure, San Diego Opera said it has received a $1-million gift from a board member that is intended to help the company regroup and develop a new business model.