Los Angeles Opera comes to the beach in Santa Monica

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Giuseppe Verdi’s fallen woman soared at sunset Wednesday on the Santa Monica Pier as the Los Angeles Opera staged its first live digital simulcast, with an estimated 2,500 viewing “La Traviata” on a giant screen by the beach while the action was unfolding live at L.A.’s Dorothy Chandler…

Rome’s Depart Foundation opens L.A.-area space with Gabriele De Santis

The Italian nonprofit arts organization Depart Foundation, which exhibits contemporary emerging and mid-career artists from around the world in Rome, is expanding its footprint, debuting a West Hollywood space Wednesday night with a show by Italian artist Gabriele De Santis.

Best Vacuums for Ceramic Tile Floors

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Beckett classic ‘Happy Days’ on superb ground at Boston Court

Logistically I know it’s impossible, but I could have sworn that Winnie, the determinedly cheery middle-aged woman who is planted in the earth up to her bosom in Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days,” had been ahead of me at the checkout line the other day at Trader Joe’s.

Gustavo Dudamel leads an embracing performance in Vienna

Gustavo Dudamel conducted the Vienna Philharmonic on Wednesday night in a glorious performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” to open the 2014-15 season at the Theater an der Wien, built in 1801 and the site of many Beethoven premieres.

Santa Monica City Council gives developer leg up on Bergamot Station

Wary of changing the character of the Bergamot Station arts complex or displacing the commercial galleries that have been its backbone, the Santa Monica City Council has given the inside track for an $84-million makeover of the former rail freight yard to a developer deemed least likely to…

Round-Up: Ancient discoveries, wilderness art and Koons strikes again

Art Spiegelman comments on Israel, archaeologists unearth a rare tomb in Greece and Jeff Koons is still making everyone crazy. There are all kinds of terrific essays floating around out there on everything from race, the media and wilderness. Saddle up and ride, it’s the Round-Up:

‘Neither,’ ignored in U.S., gets extravagant German staging

Though known as the flower of the Ruhr Valley — a formerly industrial section of Germany northeast of Düsseldorf — Bochum may not exactly bloom on the world’s cultural map. The biggest tourist attraction here is a production of “Starlight Express” that has run for 28 years.

‘Race’s’ incendiary topic defused by Mamet’s underwritten characters

“The law, Mr. Strickland, is not an exercise in metaphysics. But an alley fight.”

Desert dust-up over demolition of tribe’s Spa Resort in Palm Springs

Tribal rights bumped up again historic preservation in Palm Springs this week, when the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians started tearing down a 1959 spa and casino in a city that is passionate about midcentury modern architecture.